These two benches are now permanently at the entrance of Parco di Villa Litta Modignani in Milano. This is my first public work. And it’s the first time I paint historical characters. Both characters worth some words. Alessandro Manzoni is a very popular writer, one of the fathers of Italian literature. Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso, although have had a great impact on our history, is not so popular for the Italians too. She’s a very intriguing personality. She was modern in her private life and in the public scene.

Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso by Claudio Bindella

Alessandro Manzonithe father of Italian novel

[wikipedia] Alessandro Manzoni (Milan, 1785-1873) was an Italian poet and novelist. He is famous for the novel The Betrothed (orig. Italian: I promessi sposi) (1827), generally ranked among the masterpieces of world literature.The novel is also a symbol of the Italian Risorgimento, both for its patriotic message and because it was a fundamental milestone in the development of the modern, unified Italian language. Manzoni also sat the basis for the modern Italian language and helped creating linguistic unity throughout Italy. He was an influential proponent of Liberal Catholicism in Italy.

Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojosoprotagonist of Italian fight for independence

[wikipedia] Cristina Trivulzio  di Belgiojoso (Milan, 1808-1871) was an Italian noblewoman, princess of Belgiojoso, who played a prominent part in Italy’s struggle for independence. She is also notable as a writer and journalist.

Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso by Claudio Bindella


Alessandro and Cristina were very familiar at Villa Litta, they had a great connection with the Affori Park. Then this is the natural place for these two benches to stay.