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Hi everybody, and thank you for visiting, I hope you’ll enjoy it!
My name is Claudio Bindella, I’m an Italian artist based in Milan. My aim is to share with you something about me, my artistic vision, my world.

I started painting in 2000, and my first professional paintings are dated 2004. Since then, I’ve developed several projects, tried different techniques, from photography to every kind of drawings and paintings, although the oil on canvas paintings remain my main activity. More about my biography is available at the About me page.

Instead, I want to use this space to give you any leads on how is structured.

Then, I’ve divided my works into eight categories. Like every categorization, it’s useful to find a way through the chaos, but it’s arbitrary and some works could have found a different location with no substantial differences. These categories are Male Nude, Happy together, Gay Art, Travel Journal, Reframing, Freedom, Portraits (and the sub-category Children) and Photos.

Going beyond it you’ll find male nude paintings, drawings, and mixed media both in the Male Nude page and in the Reframing page. In this case, the difference is due only to the different approach to the topic. 

The male nude photos are in the Photos page.
Gay art or LGBT art, gay paintings, gay drawings,… everything concerns gay life and gay love is both in the Gay Art page and some works in the Happy Together page.

In the Travel Journal page, you’ll find mainly works made with markers on paper, and two paintings about Gondoliers that could have been included also in the Reframing series.
In the Childhood page are the children portraits, in the Portraits page all the other portraits.
Paintings are in every page of this website except for the Photos page  , where you can find only photos. 

Mixed media and other works on paper are mainly in the Male Nude page and in the Travel Journal page.

For any information, query,… please do not hesitate to contact me using the form in the Contact page.
You’ll find here also my social profiles. If you want to follow me there, you are very welcome!

Thank you again!


Claudio Bindella