Gay Art

My Gay Art portfolio. A series of paintings and drawings depicting gay love intimacy scenes. Many of these works have born to support the gay rights campaign.

Gay art is a pillar of my whole art production and one of the reasons why  I started painting.

Is there a future for the gay art or the Lgbt art? Read my plans for the future.

There are other aspects of the gay life that I’ve depicted, find out more reading the Gay life paragraph.

Gay Art as way for a Gay Activism

I’ve always considered myself a gay activist, even dough I fight my battle mainly in the quiet of my studio.

Happy together series, the beauty of gay love

Three of the paintings you find here, Happy together 1, 2, and 3, were exhibited for the first time in Bologna in 2013. In those days in Italy, the government was talking, with great delay compared to the other European countries, about the same-sex marriage. Then my aim was to highlight the beauty of love, and the gay love of course, as I experienced it in my life. Our lovers face the viewers and seem to ask them why, how is it possible nowadays, that we have yet to struggle to have elementary rights. I titled them Happy together because I wanted to draw the attention to the importance of staying together for our community. Besides, it reminded me of the wonderful movie by Wong Kar Way.

La Falla, daddy-twink relationship

In 2016, “La Falla” , the magazine of the Group “Il cassero” in Bologna, one of the leading group for gay rights in Italy, asked me to design a poster to illustrate one of the topics of that edition. It was the daddy-twink relationship. The poster has also been included in a summary book.

But they were not the first artworks of this kind … .

Early works

… since the beginning of my carrier I depicted gay love scenes.

Gay love has a thousand shapes

“Querelle”, dated 2007 is an example of those previous works. In “The light is behind us”, dated 2008, the positive message of the Happy together series, necessary to promote our campaign outside the gay community,   is replaced by a deeper investigation on the crisis of a couple, a gay couple that has the same problems of every other couple.

There are several other works that I haven’t included in this page, not to overload it. But I think I made it clear that Gay Art has always been of a great importance in my work.


Future plans

In the very recent works and in my plans for the future, gay art still has a central role. But, I want it to be part of a wider scope, where genres do not matter at all. A free, open-minded World is the World I want to describe.

Gay life

In this page, I’ve focused my attention on gay love, and gay couples. But there are other aspects of gay life that I ‘ve depicted along my carrier. You can find many of these examples in the “Happy together Portfolio”. Also the “Male nude Portfolio” and the “Reframing Portfolio” have a sort of relationship with the gay life.