Happy together paintings

Happiness! You’ll find thousands of time this word on this website. Happiness is an attitude to me, not the research for an egoistic selfish satisfaction, but a positive gaze over the world. It’s something to live with others, something that is possible only if shared. Then the second term: Together. We are living on a boat, we can lead it to a safe port, we can have a pleasant journey only if we trust each other, only if we care for the well-being of the others as of our own.
Be happy together, this is the leitmotiv of these series of paintings. Three or more persons are present in each work. The colors are bright, brilliant, and nature provides a playful joyful environment: trees, animals, water, reflections,….


Let’s talk a little about how this idea has been developed.

Street artists painting

The arts are a gateway in this positive research for happiness. In “Street artists”, we walk along the four meters of the canvas meeting a soap bubbles maker, a boy upside down, some musicians, a skater and a dancer. They are happiness builder for the public, they are creators of amazement, they gather an imaginary group of people, the viewers of the painting are at the same time the viewers of the performers. We feel part of a something, we want to stay together and assist to a rite.

The Seasons paintings

Four big canvases are dedicated to the Seasons. They are made assembling smaller canvases to compose a bigger one, square or rectangular. A graphic pattern distinguishes every work. They are seasons of life as well, boys and girls populate these canvases and the time is spent and forged together.

Gay art: a new and old achievement: 70s counterculture is back

Aquarius 1 and 2, aim to recreate a kind of 70s atmosphere. Sexuality and friendship are merged, mixed, boundaries are unsettled, the life is something to discover not something given, is something to build creatively, not something to take. Gay, bisexual, hetero, are meaningless words, they are a temporary category to fix something in a constant state of mutation. This is the street I want to follow for my future paintings, gay art was a starting point, it was necessary to support equal rights campaign, but the world we need to pursue is a world without labels.

LGBT art: another option

Few words here to talk about “Hercules”, “Filo 1” and “Filo 2”, more detail, as usual, are available inside every single portfolio.

A night in a dance club, a disco, an outside party in the first painting. Lights, music, something magic, a subtle eroticism is all around. The same thing happens with the other two paintings, but maybe a little more reinforced. The players seem on the verge of a sex game. There is no nudity but everything exude desire, passion, joy.

Filo is an Italian word and means “wire”, the wires that dissolve the clothes, and unveil parts of us, the wires that bond one to the other.

Boat paintings

The boat is a metaphor for life, for the journey we make, for the people we carry with us. In this series of paintings, there’s no horizon, just the boat, two boys and one girl, and the water all around. You can give these figures the meaning you prefer, and many are really possible. What donates these works the sense of peace and harmony is the fact that the figures and the background merge, human being are really part of the whole.

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“Happy together”, a series of painting characterized by many figures and crowded composition. A short view on a very inspiring Artist to me, one of my most beloved Masters.

Paolo Caliari alias Veronese (since he was native of Verona) is a magnificent Renaissance Venice painter. He is famous for his crowded compositions. Here the MET provides a short but stimulating introduction: Veronese