I want to start my blog with a painting dated 2008 that ‘s a kind of Manifesto. It has all the features of my work and its subject is the art of painting itself.

There are two guys, and they are arm-wrestling. We see them when there’s a tie, nobody is winning. We can feel their strains.

One is pushing towards the viewer, one is pulling to the background. One is surrounded by bright colors, one by dark ones. We can recognize their shape, they are clear but … bold brushstrokes, drippings, and stains are all around.

Signature and date are highlighted. A yellow area like a surreal lightning breaks the surface.

Every painting is a battlefield, painting by Claudio Bindella
Every painting is a battlefiled, 2008, oil on canvas, 50x40 cm, 19¾x15¾ in.

The union of the opposites, keep them together, that's the real lesson of the Arts.


This painting is all about the Balance. It doesn’t mean to stay in the middle, as eastern culture tells us well, but it means moving from one extreme to the other. You can find the right path just one step after the other.

You have to set your direction, that’s the Idea at the beginning, but later you must be ready to change and adapt your purposes, you have to test and review almost everything, moving between opposite forces.

Painting and life are so close to each other, that’s why we love Art so much, we feel this connection, and for a while, everything seems clear and meaningful.

Dark and Light, clear drawing and bold brushstrokes, pulling and pushing, ... .

The Equilibrist and the Hunter.

When I start a painting, I usually have an Idea, but I try not to get deep into it. I don’t fix everything in advance. There’s a way to follow but it must be at the same time a research and a discovery.

I aim to be an equilibrist, with so much training behind me that I can feels with my body the air, and naturally make the next step.

I aim to be a hunter, looking for my prey, but I want the hunting to be adventurous. I want an history to tell, an experience to live.

I don't now if I'm talking about Art or about Life, or if there's a difference.