Ages of life

Looking at my work superficially you could be inclined to think that all my interest is focused on the male figure and more generally to the gay art. I hope I made it clear in those sections that even those issues have been dealt with a wider context. But there’s also a big part of my work that cannot be confined in that area. Works of this category occur in this page, in the Happy together page, and in my Travel journal page.
More specifically here please find my oil painting depicting children.

Why children portraits? Because this is just the firt part of project dedicated to the ages of life.
In the original idea adolescence, young and maturity ages and eventually old age have to follow.

Children portraits

There are two approached that led me during the development of this series. The first concerns my desire for fatherhood. If there’s something I really miss is to have children. I love babies, I play with them I’m a very playful uncle with my nephews and nieces.

My nephews made me find out this propensity to paternity. I’m now 51 yo, is too late but I wanted to revitalize this feeling through my paintings.

On the other side, I’ve been, obviously, a child myself, and this series I’ve tried to reenact something of my own experience. I’m the last of three sons in my family, my brothers are 13 and 11 years older than me, and this fact conditioned my life in that time, and somehow still nowadays I ’m the littlest in the house.

I’ve played out here my dreams and my nightmares, the book I read and that I loved … it’s, in many ways, a jump back of 40-45 years.