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Thank you for visiting Claudio Bindella website.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

 I’m an Italian artist based in Milan. I aim to share with you something about me, my artistic vision, my world.

I started painting in 2000, and my first professional paintings are dated 2004. Since then, I’ve developed several projects, tried different techniques, from photography to every kind of drawings, mixed media, and paintings, although the oil on canvas paintings remain my main activity. 

How Claudio Bindella website is structured.

You’ll find here eight categories. Like every categorization, it’s useful to find a way through the chaos, but it’s arbitrary and some works could have found a different location with no substantial differences. 

Most of the mixed media are in the Male nude page, drawings with markers in the Travel Journal page, oil paintings are mainly in Reframing, Happy together and Portraits pages, whereas most of the acrylic works are in Freedom page. Only photos have a dedicated page which is the Photos page.

My suggestion is to wander around following your inspiration. Technical information is provided for every single work if you want to deepen your visit.


My family comes from Veneto, the inland area of Venice, and I was born and live in Milan. In this less than 270 km (170 miles) in Northern Italy, I have my roots.

 It’s a land full of art and culture, with an important history, and now strongly industrious in design and fashion. 

There’s an artistic heritage that I love and I’ve deeply studied. The old Venetian Masters like Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese and Tiepolo and many others, and their use of the color are a pillar of my work. 

On the other hand, I want to cultivate their lesson in a modern way. My subjects, my approach to art aims to reflect a contemporary view, to enlighten and investigate today’s life. 

It’s important to me understand where I come from to open up to the world, and keep together past and present. 

My view.

I don’t have answers to provide. I’ve questions. 

I’ve questions about art. What is art? Do we need it? What’s the role of the images? Which is the relationship between what is inside and outside the frame? And what about if any image is nestled inside other images?

I’ve questions about body and sex. More close is a thing, less we understand and investigate it. Body and sex are such huge subjects, still fully unexplored. If we don’t investigate them we hardly understand anything about life. I feel they are the treasure buried in our own backyard. I’m still looking for the treasure map.

I’ve questions about Happiness. Happiness is the leading value of our times. What does it mean to be happy today? Does it mean being rich, beautiful and selfish? Does it mean being a great consumer and don’t lose any short-term source of pleasure? What about values like Justice, Truth, … and when they conflict with personal happiness? 


With more than 200 works on this website, this introduction wants just to be a quick glimpse and give you a general idea of what you’ll find inside it.

I want you to feel free to contact me for any information, query,… here my Contact page

 You’ll also find here my social profiles. If you want to follow me there, you are very welcome!

Thank you again!

Claudio Bindella